Sunday, May 30, 2010

At Your Request

Okay, Cindy was right. It has been a long time. A really long time. I was even starting to notice. So, here is an update and a pledge: I will post at least once a week for the month of June. All right we'll start with the update of the big things. Now I'll feel like a lame-o because some big things have happened.
1. I turned 24 in February. Eli and I went to Tucanos and a movie. I had fun.
2. Eli graduated in April! I am so proud of him. He now has his bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience! That's a mouthful. We had a wonderful time. His family from Idaho came down for the graduation and we had a great party at home afterwards with my sisters too. He immediately stopped shaving, per my request (I really like short beards), and now he has a sweet beard. He is now finishing up his medical school applications, which are due in June, and working as a CNA. It was really cool at his graduation because his dad was able to hand him his diploma from BYU. It was a great weekend!
3. I am now finished with working at the elementary school. It was a crazy job and it had it's challenges, but I did enjoy it. Some of my favorite things that happened there were the fifth grade boys at recess who followed me around repeating everything I said (it sounds annoying but they were such funny boys), a sixth grade boy who asked if he could kiss me (I said no!), a girl in my class who reminded me so much of Eden who liked to talk to me at recess, the field trips I got to go on, getting to know a whole classroom of fourth graders, getting to sign a lot of yearbooks, and seeing some kids really improve their work because I helped them. I have learned a lot from it too. I think the school system has a lot of flaws, but basically it is full of teachers and administrators who genuinely care. I do think that if I ever have a child with special needs, I would not send them to public school because they are understaffed to deal with children who need individual attention all the time, but that's a post for another day.
4. I have a new job now that I am very very excited about. It is a new company called Zachary Douglass, The company, which is new, has designed and patented a photo editing software especially for funeral homes. It is an amazing technology and there are only three of us working there right now, but it is really taking off. I wrote a press release that was posted on a couple of industry websites last week and is going to be published in three trade magazines in July. I never thought something I wrote would be published at all, especially in a funeral home trade magazine, but I'm still really excited. I'm going to do more of their writing, and also the customer service and sales. I really love it. My degree is actually being used now. I thought that would never happen. I start full time this week and I think it is going to be a great job that I can keep for a long time, wherever we go, so that is a huge blessing!
5. We're still living with Eli's mom and step-mom and it is going so well. It's been such a blessing to stay here and save money for the applications to medical school, which is a very expensive process. It's been a lot of fun.
6. Eli's brother Josh graduated from high school last week. We're really proud of him. Even though I've only known Josh for a couple of years, he is really the little brother I never had. He even likes to tease and pick on me. Way to go Joshey!
I think that's about all. We're looking forward to the summer. We only have one trip planned so far, and that's a weekend trip to Disneyland with some friends in July. I'm really excited though, I've never been to Disneyland. We're also hoping to make it out to Missouri sometime this summer, and we're looking forward to seeing a lot of our family come out to Utah this summer in July. So, now that we've got the big things written about, my next posts will be more up to date and let you know more about our daily lives. I'm sorry. For a long time I did not feel like posting at all, but the time has come to start up again. So, keep reading!