Thursday, March 17, 2011

Growing Girl!

It already makes me sad to think of Caroline growing up. I want her to stay my baby forever. She is so sweet and cuddly! But, she is two weeks old today. I can't believe how quickly it's gone. Yesterday I took her to the doctor for her check up. She weighed 6. 9 when she was born, and when we left the hospital she was down to 6.1. I knew she was gaining weight because her face is getting chubby and she's getting the cutest little double chin. Well, she now weighs 6.14. That's a 13 ounce weight gain in 10 days! I have a feeling she's going to be a little chub-o! She is 21 inches long. I asked the nurse if she grew that much since she was born and she said at the hospital they don't stretch their legs out all the way to measure them. I always thought she was longer than 18.5 inches. She's quite lanky. She's below the 20th percentile in both weight and head circumference, but in the 78th percentile in length. She looks more and more like her daddy everyday. I always thought Eli would be a pretty girl, and now we have the proof.

Anyway, she's just in her bassinet right now, making cute noises as she slowly wakes up to eat in ten minutes. I've been doing laundry all morning. It's amazing how much we go through. Yesterday we had two blowouts and she barfed her milk all over her clothes, hair, and my bedspread. That's in the washer right now. I can look over now and see her tiny hands going up in the air above her blanket. She is the best baby! I just love staying home with her. I'm so thankful that Eli works so hard so I can stay with her. Well, I'd better get ready to feed her now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Caroline's Birth

Caroline's birth was very interesting. I think any new mom who hasn't given birth before has some trepidation. I am no different. In some ways it was a lot like what I expected, and in others it was nothing like it. Here's how it went down.
I went to the doctor for my first exam on Tuesday, March 1. I was really surprised when he told me I was dialated to a 3 and 100% effaced. He also said she was really low down and there was a 50% chance I could have her by the end of the week. That made me so excited. I was only 38 weeks along, so that was pretty welcome news. So, I started going for walks. On Wednesday night I started having some contractions. They weren't really bad, but I still couldn't sleep. I finally dozed off at around 3, and I woke up at 6 with real contractions. We started timing them and they were two minutes apart and getting more intense by 8:00. So, we cleaned up our room, grabbed our bags, said a prayer, and went to the hospital. We got checked in, hooked up to the monitors and examined. I was at a 5 by then, but my contractions completely stopped! I was kind of embarrassed and kept telling the nurse that I really did have them. They started me on some pitocin, and they kind of started again, but not very strong. So, they kept slowly upping the dosage. By 3:00 the contractions were back and they were getting strong. Up until that point I hadn't had an epidural or anything because they weren't hurting. I decided I was ready to have one. So, I called the nurse. She said she'd get the anesthesiologist and be right there. Well, then they really picked up! By the time the nurse and anesthesiologist got there, they were right on top of each other and very very very painful. I tried to stand up to help alleviate the pain and my water broke all over the floor. The nurse examined me again and I was at a 10 and ready to go. A bunch of people rushed in, and got things ready. The hospital we were at has these beautiful big rooms where you labor, deliver, and recover all in one room. Unfortunately, those were all full when we got there, and no one had left by the time she came, so we were in the tiny monitoring room. They had to move things around to fit all the equipment in there. The anesthesiologist said it was too late for an epidural, so he gave me a spinal block instead. Let me tell you, when that thing went in, it felt like heaven! It was funny because it made me tingly from the waist down and every time someone would touch my leg it really tickled and I would laugh. The nurses said they had never seen anyone go from extreme pain to giggling in two minutes. Well, after that, the doctor came in, and they told me to push. I couldn't feel anything, and I tried to push, but I guess it didn't do anything. They used the forceps on her, and she came right out. She started crying right away, and so did I. She had a full head of hair, beautiful lips and hands, and a good pair of lungs. I found out afterwards that I actually made it all through the transition phase without medication. I didn't know at the time that I made it that far. If I had known I probably would have just kept going and pushed without medicine, because she was already there. Oh well, I'm not knocking the medicine, it was NICE! And they did have to cut me, so I wouldn't have wanted the stitches without any pain meds.
Anyway, we are happy she is here, and love our little sweetie!

Sweet Baby

I just love this video of Caroline. It was right after she ate. You can see how alert she can be. She really is a perfect baby. She sleeps for about 3 1/2 hours between feedings all night, and she is very calm most of the time. Once we got the nursing stuff figured out she stopped crying. She just kind of whines when we change her clothes or diapers. She hates being swaddled, and she poops all the time! We're so grateful that she is healthy. It was funny because after I took this video I showed it to her and she was entranced, just watching the little screen. I think I will write a blog post now about how her birth went. Enjoy the little sweetheart, I know Eli and I do.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Caroline is Here!

Caroline was born on Thursday, March 3, 2011. She is perfect and beautiful. I don't have much time now to tell the whole tale, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.