Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone, a day early! I guess I'm excited for it. Eli has to work, which is a bummer. But we are having a ward party/Halloween Carnival/Chili Cookoff that we get to help with, and by we I mean me because as I mentioned above, Eli will be at work. It's only for a couple of hours anyway. I am excited for it though, and I've never made chili before, so that will be fun. I need to have a costume though, and I have no idea. Cindy's Dorothy costume was too short on me, and I was counting on it. Maybe I'll go the way of Roland and be static cling.
In other news, it's been a pretty good week. I've had a good week in school, there have been lots of serendipitous class canceling and homework extensions which have left me with extra time to sleep in and a lot less homework. Tomorrow I only have one class and it's not until 10! And then I have a work party, so free lunch! Eli's week hasn't been as easy as mine though. He has a physiology test tomorrow and he's been studying for it all week. He also had a big 5 hour assignment for personal finance that's taken up a lot of his time. We're saving watching the season finale of season four of the Office until he's done with his test! We work on a reward system.
This week was fun because it was Kurts birthday and even though he was tired and didn't have the ideal birthday, his party was fun I thought. Happy birthday Kurt.
The other exciting news in my life is that I only have Winter semester and Spring term and then I'll be done with school! I kept thinking I had to take Summer term, but I don't. I'll get to graduate in August. Knowing that I only have to make it through 2 semesters seems reasonable. I can't wait. Everyone is invited to come out in August to my graduation celebration!
Tonight, we're makin burritos (my favorite) and going to the temple!
Have a happy Halloween everyone!!!
-Cherie and Eli

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Three Months!!!

Well, it's been a while. We've had some fun lately. Last Saturday we went to Lagoon with our friends Emily and Kyle. It was really fun. They have this great roller coaster called wicked. You seat in a row of four, you shoot straight up at a high speed, go over a hill and do a straight vertical down. It was fun. I am sad to report that I did get sick this time at the amusement park. I've never gotten motion sickness in my life, but I did this time. I think it was due to my UTI, yes, another one, that had been making me sick all week. It was still fun though. We love to do things with Emily and Kyle. Emily is my old roommate and Kyle is Eli's old roommate. It's funny because when Emily moved in, I told her that she should date Kyle, and she started dating him then she told me that I should date Eli. I guess we're really good at picking out husbands for each other. This week has gone by quickly. The best things of the week were hanging out with Cindy, Kurt, and A.J. last night, going to enrichment and making cute stuff with Karen, and Eli breaking the couch. Yes, he broke our couch. He stood up to jump and pretend body-slam me, he's not immature I promise, and as he was about to lift off, we heard a big crack. The wood frame cracked in the middle. Now it sags. It was really funny though because he got a really hilarious look on his face. But, even though we will probably have this couch for years to come, it's better now and more comfortable. The cushions always would slide out from under you and it was pretty uncomfortable to lay on, but now that it sags a bit, the cushion sits differently and doesn't fall out from under you. So, although he broke it, he also fixed it!
I had to go to a urologist, but all they did was tell me that if I got another UTI to come back to them instead of the health center. I don't know why I keep getting them. I do everything I'm supposed to in order to prevent them. It sucks though because they make me feel nauseus and exhausted. I missed a lot of class this week because of the tiredness.
Last night I was at Cindy's. We watched a good movie, Dragonfly, I did laundry, and we played with A.J. Also while I was there I cleaned out and washed the car and went to wal-mart. We've been really busy these past few weeks and I have gotten out of the habit of meal planning and not stocking up on staple items. So it was good to get all of that taken care of.
Today is our three month wedding anniversary. I know some of you who have been married for longer may scoff at a mere three months, but I'm excited. It feels like it's been a lot longer, but it's great. I really like being married. It's fun to have someone there all the time who's your best friend. It's great to have our little jokes and things that only we would laugh at. I just love it. Eli's really good at helping to keep the house clean and letting me knowhe appreciates me. It's so much fun. Friday nights are always really fun because I'll pick up Eli when he gets off work, we'll come home and eat something and then we'll watch The Office on the laptop in bed and it's just so relaxing. Marriage is great! I just feel bad sometimes that Cindy's the only one in the family who actually knows Eli. You'll all get a chance I guess. Tonight we're going to go to dinner and a movie. I think we'll eat at Red Robin and probably see Wall E. at the dollar theater. We have a gift certificate to Red Robin. Anyway, I really like being married. It's better for my health, wealth, and academic success.
That's all!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Apartment Pictures

As per Alaina's request, here are pictures of our apartment. We've cleaned it up nice, havent't we sisters!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

My apologies to everyone for the last post. I wasn't trying to be gross and I really didn't think anyone would take it that way. I just thought it was funny. To make amends, here's the link to our wedding pictures. There's 324 of them, so don't feel like you have to look at them all!