Sunday, August 31, 2008


My awesome sisters and mom all took me to lunch at Sundance the day before the wedding. It was really fun!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Or really, just a lot of antibiotics. Here's my conundrum: everyone and their dog, and by that I mean all of my sisters (if you want to read more about us, read Annie's post, she's got us all covered) have the best backgrounds for their blogs from No matter how hard I try, and trust me, I've spent a couple hours already, it won't work on mine. If anyone thinks they can do it for me, let me know and I'll give you my password and user name so you can do it for me. I feel like mine is boring. So, I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I had a really bad infection. She gave me a lot of antibiotics and a pain pill. The pain pills just made me tired and I pretty much slept all day. I don't know if Eli really knew how sick I was because he was gone from 12-6 and when he came home I was still asleep. He said, "Wow, you really are sick." He was very nice in taking care of me. I tend to be kind of a baby when I'm sick. Don't be too shocked. I just hate taking medicine, I hate it. But he's really good at making me take my remedies. I guess I'm giving him good practice for being a doctor when he'll have to put up with stubborn patients.
Sometimes Eli calls me Romey because instead of telling him what I want, I just nudge him and try to convey my feelings with shoves. Case in point, last night we were watching a movie at home and I wanted him to lay on his side on the couch so I could lay down too. Instead of telling him, because I was really intent on the movie, I just started tapping his hip, hoping he'd understand what I wanted. Then he called me Romey. And I was humbled. I guess it's time to grow up when you're 22 but your behavior is sometimes that of a two year olds.
In other news, I think we'll see Kung Fu Panda tonight. I think I'll make fish for dinner too. I think I'll go to the game on Saturday and I hope Eli can get work off so he can come too. Well, that's about all I know for today.
I'd better go.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School is almost here!

School starts in less than a week now. I have mixed feelings about it. I want it to start because then it is closer to being over. I don't want it to start because then my wonderful summer is over. My favorite part of the summer was definitely after the wedding, the whole time after the wedding. It was fun to be married and not have school, but just have work and then all of our time could be spent together. It will be good to be that much closer to graduation. I am pretty excited for my classes. I am most excited for my cooking class. It's called "Food Preparation in the Home." I think it will be fun. We had a really good weekend. It started with Saturday. We drove up to Salt Lake and went to Emily and Kyle's wedding. They had a beautiful wedding breakfast in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Then we went to their sealing, which was also beautiful. Emily looked so good and so did Kyle. Now all of Eli's roommates are married. Once Emily and Kyle get back we can all start doing things as married couples. It's really fun that we all got to date and be engaged and get married basically around the same time. After the sealing Eli and I did a session in the Salt Lake temple. It was really neat because I had never done a live session before. I loved it. Then we went to their reception after a brief stop at Old Navy because all of their jeans were on sale for $12! Emily and Kyle's reception rocked. It was full of personal touches, like the section where their guests could play guitar hero! Then after the reception we hit the road up to Idaho. We made really good time. It went really fast because we were talking the whole way. Eli is fun to talk to. We had such a good time there. On Sunday we had breakfast with his mom, sister, and niece. Then we went to church. It was nice to meet everyone who Eli grew up with. Everyone was excited to see him. Then Eli's brother Gabe and his mom put on a picnic up Scout Mountain. It was really nice. Some of the extended family came and it was good to get to meet them. It was the perfect weather and the food was really good. Monday was fun too. We got Taco Spaghetti for lunch with his mom and grandma, we drove up by City Creek, we visited his sister Lisa in the health food store that she runs, we got ice cream, and we went to an arcade. The arcade was really fun. I am proud to say that I got first place on Crusin' USA and won a free game. Even if it was on the easy level, it's still a big accomplishment for me. It was a really fun trip. We got back yesterday and had enough time for a nap before Eli went to work. I unpacked and spent the evening with my friend Ashley who just moved back to Utah after being on her mission in Panama. We also saw Iron Man again last night at the dollar theater with Steve and Brooke and Heidi for Steve's Birthday. So, that's what we've been up to. I just wrote a whole bunch so I am going to go now. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, I have been trying my hand at picasa and trying to figure out how to make a slide show on here with our honeymoon pictures. I don't know how to use blogspot very well. I couldn't even make it do a different background like Annie's and Alaina's. Oh well. The reason why it's hard for me to put pictures up is because we don't have internet at our apartment and I don't like to lug my computer to campus when I go to work and stay after just to put pictures up. I can post though, because I'm on the desk a lot at work. I will try to figure out the pictures. I promise. So, last weekend was really fun. Eli's old roommate and friend from high school, Steve, got married in the Salt Lake Temple on Friday, so we got to go to that. It was a beautiful wedding. The best/funniest thing that happened was at the reception. We were standing in the lobby watching their wedding video when this old man came in. He must have had Alzheimer's or something akin to it because he asked us at least three times if we were married and we would say, "Yes. We've been married for two weeks." The last time he asked us, in a lobby full of people, might I add, we said, "Yes, we've been married for two weeks." He said, "Two weeks, huh? Well then you've only had sex fourteen times!" How do you respond to that? I think I made a weird laugh sound in my throat and then we left and laughed about it the whole way home!
In other news I have been to Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond more times than I'd like to admit but I have gotten everything returned and exchanged and I have the kitchen and bedroom the way I want them! I finally even got rugs for the kitchen. I've scrubbed and cleaned and organized. It looks pretty livable now! All that's left to do is get our vacuum cleaner fixed, it needs a new belt, and pick up the desk from his parents house and put it in the living room and we'll be done! I don't know how people get married a week before school starts or between semesters and then go back to school really soon. It would drive me nuts to start school before I had the house organized. Yikes, it's stressful!
This weekend will be a fun one. Emily and Kyle, my old roommate and Eli's old roommate, are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday. I'm really excited for that. There will be a wedding breakfast in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building that morning, then the wedding, and then the reception in Layton that night. After the reception Eli and I are going to drive up to Pocatello to spend some time with his mom and grandma. We'll be there all day Sunday and then come back Monday morning. It will be really nice to get to spend some time with them. His mom and his grandma are two of the nicest people I've met. They're both so kind and generous to us, it will be fun to get to spend some time with them when we won't have to talk about the wedding. To be perfectly honest I'm very glad the wedding is over. Eli and I have so much fun together. He said I hogged all the covers last night. I don't remember because I slept really well last night. He snores sometimes though, so I guess we're even. Actually, the funny thing about his snoring is that it doesn't happen all the time. I think he's such an independent sleeper. He only snores when I try to cuddle close to him when we're sleeping. Other than that, no snoring. But the second I initiate spooning, it's snore-city. How strange!
One last thing. I'm really excited for today. I get off work at two, then Eli and I are going to the temple. I'm excited for that because other than for weddings, I haven't been back since the first time because we haven't had an opportunity when I'm not working and neither is he. Then after that we're going to Tucano's for dinner. Eli gets a free meal for his birthday. His parents are going to come too. It should be fun. For those of you who don't know, Tucano's is a Brazillian restaurant and they serve a bunch of meat. That's right Ronda and Annie, I am going to be the worlds biggest carnivore tonight! MMMMMMM! I can't wait to eat all that meat!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures

Here are finally some pictures from our honeymoon! The first one is in the cab from the airport to the resort! Yay! We're in Mexico!

This is Eli at the restaraunt, Mama Mia. No ABBA music was played there.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Good Life

I love being married! It's so much fun. Yesterday we had a really good day. Eli took me to work at 8 in the morning so I wouldn't have to walk there. Then when I took my lunch break I got to join him and his dad for lunch at Legends. That was fun. Then when I got off of work I met him outside the library and he brought me some really pretty flowers, alstromerium, because I had a bad day on Monday. He's the best! Then we went to his dad's office for a bit to do some stuff on the computer. His dad gave Eli his old Macbook that is still in really good shape. That's so kind of him. His parents are really very generous. We're so lucky to have them so close to us! Then we came home and cleaned up a bit. We decided to have a date. One of our favorite dates is going to Barnes and Nobles and each of getting books we like and flipping through them for a couple hours so we can decide what to read next. Eli got two books with the gift card his mom had given him for his birthday. Then we went to eat with his parents because they had ordered a bunch of pizza and invited us. Then we rented a movie, Shallow Hal, it was pretty funny. Jack Black reminds me of Chad. We watched that and made our Key Lime Bars that we got as a mix. They were great! It was a wonderful night. We both overslept this morning because even though I set the alarm on my phone to wake us both up at 6, I forgot to turn it on, an integral part in alarms. So, Eli got a text at 6:25 from his friends he was supposed to meet for basketball, and luckily that woke us up, or I would have been very late for work. It was my fault we were late though! This should be a good weekend coming up. We have Steve and Brooke's wedding in Salt Lake tomorrow. I think tonight we'll start returning some gifts that we got doubles of and continue organizing the apartment. It's a beautiful day! I'm so happy I married Eli!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to Reality

We're back now! The wedding was great. Everyone in our families helped out so much! The biggest near disaster was Eli's car breaking down right before the reception and we thought our parents were going to have to drop us off at the hotel for our wedding night. LAME!! Luckily though, his mom was able to get it fixed and we got to drive off into the sunset, stuffing our faces with the sandwiches from the reception that we didn't get to eat there. Mexico was amazing. The ocean was so blue and beautiful. We had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying actually being around each other for days at a time. It was strange to not have to leave each other at midnight, but wonderful. We laughed so much there. We're both really good at making the other laugh. One day we were talking about what kind of animal we'd like to be and Eli said the funniest thing, at least it made me laugh a lot. He said, "I'd be a shark, it would be awesome. Except, I don't like seafood." Cabo is beautiful. Some of my favorite memories are Eli participating in a Mexican Hat Dance during a fiesta to win me a bracelet. Everyone had to take a shot of tequila, but they let him take a shot of sprite. I also loved when we went to this amazing restaurant called Tropicana's. We had been drinking coke at every meal because we didn't want to drink their water. I was sick of drinking coke though, so I asked the waiter if they had cherry coke, he said, "si! Si!" and came back with a glass of ice with two cherries in it and a can of coke. That's Mexican cherry coke for you. Eli played a few games of beach volleyball with other guests of the resort. He had a lot of fun doing it and even scored the winning point one time. He would come back covered in sand from all the dives he made to save the ball. I think my favorite things we did there was we would walk along the beach at night or just sit out in a beach chair and talk. It's so soothing to hear the waves. I'd like to live by an ocean one day. We had so much fun. It was hard to leave, but Eli was so ready to come home and have a big American cheeseburger, which he did in the Phoenix airport when we ran into Laura and ate dinner with her and her siblings-in-law at the Chili's there. Our trip to Missouri was great too. We got to do more relaxing, with the added bonus of drinking all the water we want without paying for it. Our reception there was really pretty too. We had a lot of fun going to the church stuff. We loved the square in Independence where they have a taffy shop and a soda fountain. Eli also had his 23rd birthday when we were in Missouri. We just put candles on our leftover wedding cake and sang to him. He's such an old married man now. Although our travels were a lot of fun we were very excited to get back to Provo and start living our real lives in our new apartment. It was fun to open all of our gifts from the Utah reception and start organizing our house the way we want it. Now we're just both working a lot trying to save up money before school starts again. I'll put up pictures soon, I promise!