Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eli's Birthday

Eli turned 27 this year!  It was a low key day, but very nice.  We were planning on going to the zoo for the morning, but it got rained out.  So, we spent a relaxing day at home.  Then, in the afternoon we went with our friends Emily and Kyle to eat at Eli's favorite burger place in Louisville, Bunz.

Here are some pictures from that night.

We got there a  little early before Emily and Kyle.  We were waiting by these nice apartment buildings.  Caroline loved hanging out on the sidewalk.  She loves being out on the town.  I loved here little outfit.  The pretty pink shirt is from a consignment store, skinny jeans from walmart, and shoes from Payless.  She was being so cute and happy.

The Birthday Boy!
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Emily and Kyle
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rhoads Family Portraits, 2012

Eli's Dad and Step-Mom set up family pictures while we were in Utah this summer.  I was excited because I haven't been in any family pictures yet.  Now they are stuck with me.  I'm in the pictures!  Haha!  Karen did a great job.  She picked out all of the outfits herself.  Not a small feat with that many people.  It was the most painless picture taking experience I've ever had, even with all those kids.  It was great!  Thanks for the pictures! By the way, the pictures were taken at the state hospital in Provo.  It was so pretty there. 

Eli's dad calls this one "Mormon Family circa 1847"

This is Eli's sister Kim, her husband Rory, and their kids Rustin, Tori, and Quincy.

The Rhoads grandkids, Makenna, Rustin, Tori, Caroline, and Quincy.

The girls

The whole clan: Back from left, Gabe, Josh, Elle Mae (the dog), and Derek.  Second row from left: Lisa, Makenna, Gary, Karen, Quincy, Cherie, Caroline, and Eli. Third Row from left: Kim, Rustin, Tori, and Rory

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caroline Update: 17 months

Caroline is now 17 months old.  She is not a baby at all, she is a full -fledged, tantrum throwing, running, climbing, and jumping toddler.  We love havinger her around.  She is a lot of fun and is learning new things everyday.  She is super smart and so funny.  Eli did a funny, evil scientist laugh one time which she found hilarious.  Now when she laughs, it's an evil maniacal laugh.  Here are some updates about her.  
She now sits in a forward facing carseat.  I had the infant one in the living room for a couple days so I could wash it before putting it in storage.  Caroline thought it was her own little chair.  Anytime she would have a snack she would go and sit in that carseat.  Like her own little laz-z-baby recliner.

She is old enough now and plays by herself well enough for me to feel comfortable to take a shower while she's awake.  The other day I found this after I got out of the shower.

She also had a post-it stuck to her back.  I have no idea ho she did that.

She is so cute too.  I can finally pull all her hair back!  It's so cute.  Well, I can only pull it back in a ponytail if its all wet and I have to use some hair clips too.  But, I can also do pigtails now too, which are adorable.  My mom found this dress for her at a thrift store, I love it, it's so cute!

She is just so cute and kissable!
She can also talk a lot now.  Some of her new words are "animal, smoothie, yellow, duck, no (her personal favorite), mine, apple, book, pool, car, truck, train, bath, cookie, cracker, cheese, super banana, and temple."  She can climb up on the furniture now.  She can also jump, with her feet all the way off the floor.  She still loves to eat, but is getting pickier about what she'll eat.  She loves to swim, or do anything in the water.  She will run just about anywhere she can.  She is also liking to bring her babydoll with her everywhere we go.  She even tries to feed her and play with her.  She loves to play with her daddy and read books with us.  She is still very good at going to bed and sleeps about 12-14 hours a night.  She is getting more of a personality, and she is a firecracker.  Her favorite thing to say is, "no, no, no, no, no, no!" but she says it in such a cute voice.  She is just getting to be so much fun.  We love having her around!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Utah Trip

So, here we are again.  it's been a really long time.  But, I have a good excuse!  Caroline and I went to visit family in Utah for a whole month.  Yes, it was a very long time, but we had lots of fun!  We got to meet our new cousin, sweet Felicity!  She is the cousin that is the closest in age to caroline and I plan on them being best friends in a few years!

Caroline loved eating up at the counter at Grandma and Grandpas house!

We went to Bear Lake for a family reunion, sadly Eli couldn't be there because he was finishing his internship at the childrens hospital in Louisville, he joined us in July.  We went to the Minnetonka Cave.  It was cool, but cold and had a lot of stairs, and I mean a LOT of wet, slippery, steep stairs.  But, it was neat to go to a cave.  I don't think I've been in one since fourth grade!

Caroline really liked playing at Bear Lake!  She loved the water!

We met up with my dear friend Amber and her fiance Isaac and walked over to Bridal Veil Falls.  If you'll notice a theme in our pictures is water.  Caroline really loves water.

we loved City Creek shopping center in Salt Lake City.  Here's Caroline playing in the water with her cousin AJ.

She also really loved the skywalk over the street.

We went with Eli's mom and Grandma again! It was so much fun!

Eli, his Mom, Grandma, and Caroline all looking at videos on his phone.

Eli's mom was staying at a hotel and we went to see her.  They had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Needless to say, Caroline really liked it!

So, it was a good trip.  We ended up driving back, and Caroline did great.  She had a hard time being gone at first, but she got used to everyone and ended up having a really good time with all of her aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends.  Thanks for the fun memories everyone!