Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sick, Sick, Sick

Things have been kind of hard around here, lately.  I have been sick for a while, with weird symptoms.  But, I went home to Missouri to see a naturopathic-type doctor?  I will be writing about it on my other blog later.  I am already feeling better, but I have a cold that has been hanging on for a few weeks.  While we were gone, Eli was preparing for his first big test of the second year.  He was really stressed out, he was kind of behind because he spent so much time taking care of Caroline and me when we were sick.  I knew that he would do well on it though.  Heavenly Father blesses those who have their priorities right. And Eli always puts his family and the Lord first, above school.  Needless to say, he did very well on his test.  He got above average on all of them.  But, while he was studying his brains out with the cold he always gets during his test weeks.   After his test, as we were driving home from Missouri, he went to the urgent care clinic.  Turns out, he had pneumonia!  Can you believe it!  The poor guy!  He is doing better, and over the worst part of it.  He is still resting a lot.  Yesterday though, my cold was really bad, Eli was still feeling bad too.  Luckily Caroline has not caught anything yet!  But, she was really whiny yesterday and wanted me to hold her all day.  I just wanted to lay down, and Eli didn't have the energy to take care of her either.  After lunch she perked up though.  But, yesterday was just one of those days where there were tears for both me and Caroline, and I really wished that we had some family around.  Of course we always miss our family, but yesterday I really wanted someone to just come and take care of us.  We didn't want to call anyone from church and spread our germs.  The good news is that we slept well last night.  We are all feeling better today though.  Eli had to go to some school stuff today and that made him really tired.  He's napping right now.  So is Caroline.  I feel so much better and things are looking up.  I forgot to take pictures of our Missouri trip.  And I'll blog about it more later.  In the meantime, here are some pictures. 

My friend Ify came over with her two kids, here they all are looking at the train from our kitchen window.   So cute!

Watching videos with daddy

Playing in her closet

Playing in the puddles after it rains is her favorite thing!

Don't you love her rain coat?  Thanks Grandma Rhoads!

Just lounging in the doll stroller watching a movie.  Laid back.