Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New things going on

Well, it's been a while since I blogged. Even though our day-to-day lives seem pretty event-less, when you look back on a few weeks you realize that a lot has happened. In the past couple weeks Eli has done his first three interviews, and he has 5 more in October. I got a new job that I really like. We've spent a lot of time with family, and we've gotten on a better schedule of going to bed earlier, which is always helpful.

Eli's first interviews went well. He flew out to Louisville, KY. He got to stay and have fun with our friends Emily and Kyle (Thanks again!). His interview went well, and they took him around and got to do some pretty fun things. Then he went from Louisville to Des Moines, where my Mom picked him up from the airport and took him to dinner. When I heard where they went I immediatley got jealous. They ate at HyVee, a local grocery store. You may think, "yuk. Chicken strips and macaroni salad," but HyVee has an awesome salad bar and almost any type of food you can imagine. His interview at Des Moines went well too. Then about a week after he got back he had an interview at the University of Utah in Salt Lake. He feels like it went really well. The U would be a great choice for us because of in-state tuition and we already know where we'd live and how things would go. But, the lame thing about the U is they don't let you know until April, whereas the other schools can tell you starting October 15th. So, I guess we won't really know for sure, 100% where we are going until April.
He has interviews next month at George Washinton University in D.C, the Military Medical School, Texas Tech., University of Nebraska, and Temple University in Philadelphia. He is becoming quite the seasoned traveler. I'm really proud of him.
My new job is really good. I am a receptionist at Mercedes-Benz of Lindon. I really like it. I work from 7:30 am to about one, M-Th, and until 4 on Friday, then from 4-7 on Saturday. Although I do not love getting up early, I do like getting things done earlier in the day, and then I can come home, rest if I need to, make a good dinner, and go to bed early. So, it's good to be gainfully employeed again.

That's about all. We hope to start hearing back from schools soon, hopefully with some yes's, so we won't have to keep buying plane tickets. Prayers are gratefully accepted.