Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good News!

Eli and I are happy to share some good news. Actually, two pieces of good news!
First and foremost, we just found out today that we are having a baby girl! Well, we didn't just find out we were having a baby, we've known that for a while, but we did find out it's a girl today. We are so excited! We were thinking a boy, but all of my sisters were right, and I couldn't be happier. The due date is March 16, 2011. Spring is such a nice time to be born. I'm 20 weeks, so exactly half-way. We are so excited!

The second good news is that Eli has been accepted to University of Louisville School of Medicine. It's a great school and Louisville is a neat city. Our really good friends Emily and Kyle live there and it would be a great place to go. We still have a lot of schools to hear back from, but it's nice to know he got in and we have somewhere to go!

Well, that's all the good news for today. We're going to a ward Halloween party and I have to go finish my soup for it. It's Tomato Basil!
Have a good night!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, this is a busy week for Eli. He is currently in Washington D.C. for medical school interviews. Today he had one at George Washington University and Thursday he has one at the Military Medical School. Then he flies to Nebraska to interview in Omaha (it's not much of a secret that I would love that). I am sad that he is in DC at our friends house without me. And, he does have some free time so he gets to go to some museums and monuments. LUCKY! I'm also sad that I couldn't get work off and Annie got to go to Missouri without me. No awesome pumpkin patch in Omaha. But, I am liking my job and it's good to keep busy.
I am currently reading the book Fast Food Nation. It's really interesting. I'm only about 1/3 of the way done, and so far it's mostly about the history of fast food, but it is really interesting. I feel like being on a "health journey" (isn't that lame sounding?) is slowly happening for me. I've read a lot of different books and tried a lot of different things. Now that I have more knowledge, I have started making better choices. That doesn't mean that I never eat white bread (I made mom's rolls last week) or that we will never go out to eat, or to fast food again (I've been craving Taco Bell and Olive Garden like crazy), but now I think about it a lot more before I do those things. It's starting slowly, to where if I do eat a cheeseburger, even though it is really good, in the back of my mind I remember about the fat, the meat, and the effect it has on your body, plus the way the animals were raised and what they were fed. I think anytime you are looking to change your diet, you do have to go slowly. And, you can't make anyone change their mind about food, it's something you have to do for yourself. After reading a lot about cancers, heart disease, and obesity and the data of thousands of scientists regarding our diet and its effect, I want to be better. When we have children I want to teach them to eat the right things. I want to be able to learn how to make delicious healthy food. I'd love to be able to come up with a packet of recipes that Eli could give to his patients someday. It is scary to think of how many of our fellow citizens work so hard, but don't have time to cook and eat right. But that's not even half of the problem. If you really want to find out about the food Americans eat and where it comes from, you have to do a lot of searching. This information is not widely known, and information really is power. I'm trying to live more by the Word of Wisdom, that is to eat more grains, fruits, vegetables, and to eat meat sparingly.
A couple of weeks ago I went with Annie and Cindy to a Green Smoothie Girl class. It was fun to go out with my sisters and we learned some neat things. She has done a lot of research herself, and has come to the conclusion that the best diet is 60-80% whole raw plant food, with only 5% animal products (That includes all meat and dairy). I am starting to agree with her. I'm nowhere near that right now, but I'd like to eventually get there.
Sorry to go rambling on about this. I wasn't intending to when I started writing, it was more just an update.
I miss Eli. He'll be coming home on Saturday with Annie and her kids. I wish I could be with them all right now. Oh well, we don't always get what we want in life, and sometimes we have to work instead of play. Being an adult is sometimes not much fun.
My new favorite thing is this cheap candle I got at Wal-Mart. It's Spice Cake scent and it smells just like fall. I love it.
I really need to stop, this is just ridiculous.
Have a good day everyone!