Thursday, March 7, 2013

In her own words

Favorite Color: "Yellow!" (everything is yellow, by the way!)
Favorite Book: "Yellow Book!" (translation: Monkey Book, translation: Curious George Visits the Zoo)
Friends: "Reese, Ebbie, Ava, Lily, Baby Ewan, and Daddy"
Favorite Place to Go: Baby Ewan's House"
Favorite Dog: "Yellow Dog"  I said, "Dogs, Caroline, which dogs do you like?" "Elle Mae" (Grandma and Grandpa's Dog)
Favorite Toys: "Yo Gabba Gabba Toys (thanks Grandma Jani!) and shopping cart"
Favorite Sport: "Yellow Sport" ( I don't know what that one is)
Favorite Food: "Noodles and Hummus"
Favorite Song: "Mommy's Song" (Translation: Sherry Baby)
Favorite Animal: "Crocodiles and Alligators"
TV Show/Movie: "Monkey Movie" (Translation: Curious George, the movie we just watched for the first time.)

She is such a fun little girl.  I can't believe she's so big.  It's been really fun to have conversations with her, I can't believe she has so many thoughts that she can express and to actually hear what they are.  She has some fun thoughts.  She gets really excited about things.  She likes to add "Yay!" and clapping her hands about things she is excited about.    Love this girl!

Also, here are her stats from her 2 yr checkup on Tuesday:
Weight: 26  1/4 pounds (50%)
Height: 34 1/2 inches (75%)
Head: 18 1/2 inches (50%)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Caroline turns two!

Caroline's Birthday was yesterday! I can't believe she is two years old, the years went by so fast!  She is so wonderful.  I will do an interview thing with her tomorrow.  I keep seeing those and they are adorable.  Also, thanks to Alaina for showing me how to do the collage.  This will transform my blogging and save those of you who read it from having to scroll down a huge page of pictures.

She woke up and came out to blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs.  She requested blueberry muffins, even though she's never had them.  She wasn't too impressed.  She was so excited by the decorations and the butterfly balloon.  She's been asking for one for her birthday for two months, and was so happy to see it.  After breakfast we went to church.  In a birthday miracle, we had a special stake conference with Elder Cook of the twelve apostles visiting our stake.  It was great to hear from him, his wife, and our stake president.  Stake conference also meant that Eli was home with us ALL DAY!  Neither of us could remember the last time that happened.  It was pretty much a perfect day!  Caroline was so happy, all day long.  She had her daddy's undivided attention.  She was able to take a good nap, during which Eli helped me get things ready for the dinner, and we were even able to take a nap!  It was the easiest party ever!

We had our friends Emily and Kyle (although Kyle was sick and couldn't come, get better soon!) and their kids Lily and Ewan, and our friend Mike and Ify and their kids Reece, Ebbie, and Ava.  These five kids are the ones Caroline plays with the most.  She was so excited.  Lily and Ewan an Emily got there first and Lily and Caroline were having so much fun! She was even more excited that more friends came!  I think her mind was blown having these two sets of friends being over at the same time.  It's never happened before.  I did feel bad because she has a lot of other friends in our ward but our apartment is just too small to have a big party, especially with a lot of kids.  So, sorry if we couldn't invite everyone, I really wanted to!

We had homemade pizza, salad, pineapple, and a yummy salsa Emily made.  All the kids ate a good amount.  Then she opened her presents.  She was so focused while doing that.  She got a soft, beautiful robe that Emily made.  She loves it.  The Whitfills gave her a monkey bubble blower.  I haven't even gotten out the bubbles, she just loves playing with the monkey.  Her Grandma's in Idaho gave her Yo Gabba Gabba beanie babies.  She is obsessed with them!  She has slept with them ever since and wants to bring them everywhere.  Grandma and Grandpa Rhoads gave her a purse, lacing blocks, and a cool guitar.  She was experimenting with the guitar today and really likes that!  Gammy and Pappy sent her a balloon bouquet on Saturday and she's been playing with them nonstop!  Eli and I got her a baby doll station at Goodwill.  It is awesome and in great condition.  It has a baby bath, a high chair, and changing table.  She plays with it all the time.  But we gave that to her last week, I can't hide anything that big in our place.  So we got her stickers and fruit snacks for her to open and she loves those too.

It was a wonderful party!  Thank you to everyone who came.  She was one happy girl yesterday.  I can't believe she is two!