Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Picture Dump!

  I finally found the connector to my camera!  Here are pictures from my trip to Missouri in April, when my sister Alaina visited, and just cute stuff Caroline's been doing.  Enjoy!
wearing daddy's socks

just cute

With her sweet cousin Guiliana at my parents house in Missouri

Playing at the gym in the church building in Kearney with her cousin Quincey.  Caroline is lucky to have the best cousins.

She had her own baby easter egg hunt in the backyard

The whole group who was at my moms house: My sister Ronda's four girls, her friend Sara's two boys and mom, and my brothers five kids, and my mom.  It was so much fun.

Quite possibly my favorite picture of Caroline ever taken.  Eating her Easter candy after waking up.

Easter Sunday.  Too bad Eli was in Kentucky.  We missed him.

Me, my parents, my sister Ronda and her four beautiful daughters.

Me and Mom at the Kansas City Temple open house!

Me, Caroline, and my sister Alaina and her three boys, tiny baby in the sling, at the Louisville zoo.

Pygmy hippo

These three are my favorite pictures of Eli and Caroline.  Totally captures how happy her daddy makes her!

On the Carousel at the zoo with dad.

Taking a bath with cousins Milo and Oliver.  She liked it for a while, but they are kind of rowdy!

Eli's taught her that it's funny to put pants on her head.  Now she does it all the time to be silly!

Found this at a garage sale.  She loves to crawl through the tunnel!

Her favorite things right now are helping me cook and playing in the sink.  Anything with water, or wa-wa as she calls it, are her favorite things.

This is what she looks like when Daddy gets her dressed.  Those are pj shorts.  Daddy loves all the bright colors!

Playing in the sink, it's actually a smile

being silly

Her favorite book to carry around right now and pretend to read is Eli's Eye Examination and Diagnosis text book.  It has really gross pictures of eyes with different diseases.  She won't leave it alone.  Maybe she'll be an ophthalmologist when she grows up.

This is from today!

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Year of Medical School: Check

That's right.  Eli finished his first year of medical school!  He did so well and I am very proud of him.  It was a crazy year, with a lot of new things, but with everything that happened, he was able to focus and do well in his classes.  He honored in two classes too!  I really believe the Lord has blessed him tons.  Eli is very good at always putting his calling and his family first.  I've told him often that even though he is super busy with school and church, I always feel like Caroline and I are most important to him.  I'm so happy I married him.

On Friday he took two tests.  He got a 90% on one and an 80% on the other.  We celebrated by going on a real date!  We got a babysitter.  We went to dinner and a movie.  We had a really great time!  We saw the Avengers and loved it.  Now he has the rest of May off, then an internship in June, then July and half of August off!  We've only had a weekend so far, but it has been heavenly having him home, with out the stresses of studying and homework weighing on him.  Did I mention I'm proud of him?

I still can't find my hookup for the computer for pictures.  Sorry.  Caroline has been very funny and cute lately.  And also obstinate and headstrong.  We like to call her our little monster because she likes to growl and stomp around.  She is a stinker, but a very lovable one.  She is happy to have her daddy home too!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today I've been thinking about things I am grateful for.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, because there's not enough space for that, but here are a few things.

  • Eli's phone wouldn't charge anymore, so I took it to the sprint store today and they replaced it for free!  Getting the insurance is worth it!
  • Caroline is becoming more and more fun each day.  She is hilarious and smart and learning a ton.
  • I'm starting my hot yoga class tomorrow morning.  90 minutes, over 100 degrees.  I may live to regret this, but for now I am very excited.
  • We were able to see some friends from BYU that we haven't seen for a while.  It was fun!
  • Eli's last day of school is on the 11th.  Any prayers would be welcome.  I can't believe the first year is almost over!  It's been crazy.  The best part is his internship doesn't start until June, so we have him for a few weeks!  
  • Lately I've really been feeling the spirit very abundantly in our lives.  We've been learning some wonderful things at church and have been able to improve a few things.
Life has been great lately.  I'm very grateful for everything we have been blessed with.