Friday, December 7, 2012

(Minor) Home Improvements

We've recently added  a few things to the apartment.  Take a look.

           We found these wall stickers at Dollar Tree (which is my FAVORITE place).  It started with the animal stickers.  She loves zebras, and saw the zebra from across the aisle.  We put them on her wall and she loves them.  She goes up to them several times a day and points and names all of the animals.  Except for the rhino, for some reason she has no interest in the rhino.   So then, we decided the next time we were there to add the alphabet to the wall, for educational value, and the butterflies for fun, because she loves them.  I figured it's cheap, $1 each, and when we get sick of them we can just take them off.  Anyway, they are fun. 

I'm sure you've seen the tutorial for these prints all over the internet.  I just took the picture to staples, asked for an engineers print.  It was $3.50.  Then I got a foam board at Hobby Lobby and painted the edges black, and glued it on.  It was really easy, but the hardest part was finding a way to get it to hang on the wall. It took several days and failed attempts, but I finally found the command picture hooks.  They work really well.  I feel like I had done a lot of little things all over the apartment except in our room.  This really adds a little interest to our room.  I like it a lot. 


Alainarae said...

cute! You changed that fabric off her closet door? I love that she snubs the rhino. What a cutie.

I need to do that engineer print thing! I love it!

Annie said...

Cute, I love the picture!